Meet the Team

We're here to take care of you.


Edward D. Foy

President & CIO

My job is to help you accurately assess your current financial picture, integrate that picture with your financial destination(s), and assist you in executing a plan that comfortably gets the job done. Whether you are just starting to invest, or well into your retirement, there is always room for good advice. My passion is to assist you in achieving your greatest successes, while taking the paths that are as clear and as smooth as possible.

After starting in the financial services industry as a stockbroker in 1980, I established my own firm in 1987. With experience in good and bad stock markets, high and low interest rates, business recessions and expansions, political solidarity and conflict, and international peace and turmoil, I can help you maintain perspective, interpret events, and manage expectations. We will form a partnership that is educational as well as entertaining for both of us.

Aside from the business, my world is centered around family. We are extremely fortunate to have all three of our daughters and all eleven of our grandchildren living in Lincoln. Our calendar is filled with their activities, and almost every holiday is celebrated with a family gathering, usually at our home. In short, life is good.


Andrew J. Kramer

Director of Research & CCO

I'm blessed to be a husband (married since 1993) and a father (2 girls and 4 boys). As the oldest have started to leave, our family has been quick to take in more pets. I spend quite a lot of time chauffeuring my two youngest children to their activities. Fortunately, driving is something I enjoy. I've been a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America for seventeen years. Currently, I'm the Scoutmaster for the troop at our church. Be sure to ask me about our latest adventure! I enjoy spending time outdoors, cycling, cooking and reading. I'll probably ask you about places you've traveled: I'm always on the lookout for new places to explore with my family.

I've been at Foy Financial since 1996. While many aspects of the business have changed remarkably since then, our passion for client-centric service has not. I value the opportunities to engage with our customers, to answer questions about their investments and to share financial strategies that better enable them to live the life they want.


Cindy L. Foy

Director of Operations

My goal is to be an active participant in helping you get the best service possible from Foy Financial Services. I try to be actively involved in most client activities and want to ensure the best experience possible for our clients.  In fact, talking with clients is one of my favorite parts of the job. I am also the information technology trouble-shooter and am involved in processing client paperwork and all day to day operations of the office.

Being Ed's daughter, I have been exposed to the business since I was a little girl and remember sitting on his lap looking at charts.  After working part-time at Foy Financial from the age of 16, and while studying Finance at the University of Nebraska, I became a full-time member of the team in 2001.

In addition to working at Foy Financial, I am married with two college boys and two spoiled rotten dogs. I have a passion to not only practice a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but to share that opportunity with others as well and help them live their best life.