How We Help Individual Investors

Your financial assets have grown. It’s now going to take more time, effort and expertise to preserve and invest those assets responsibly. But your days are already full with career, family, and personal interests. How will you manage it all?

We begin to help you determine the best path by first guiding you through a sensible suitability process. This process is designed to help you coordinate your investment portfolio with your investment horizon, your age, and your income requirements. By first establishing your objectives and working with that framework, you are better equipped to help determine the correct courses of action.

Then we focus on specific aspects of your financial picture such as portfolio management, estate planning, retirement planning, and asset allocation. In addition to helping you establish a sensible portfolio model, we assist you in implementing and monitoring your accounts and your progress. When changes in your portfolios are indicated by changes in market conditions, we implement those changes automatically and consistently. Finally, and most importantly, we communicate with you regularly with Monthly Commentaries and Quarterly Reports. Additionally, you will have ongoing and immediate electronic access to information on your accounts.

Clients’ accounts are reviewed on a quarterly frequency as quarterly reports are being prepared, and prior to their release. Accounts are also reviewed when changes in asset allocations are made in response to changing market conditions. Finally, client accounts are reviewed upon request or in preparation to meetings with our clients.

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