Our Process

SELECTOR® is a ‘real-time’ money management program. We establish and maintain portfolios that are reflective of current financial market conditions. While we are students of market history and mindful of its lessons, we are not driven solely by historic results. We also do not attempt to forecast future market activity. The simple truth is that nobody knows exactly what the future holds. We believe that the best approach to investing is to remain current, diligent, and responsive.

SELECTOR® follows a discipline of trend-following asset allocation. Trend-following is a time-tested method of money management that incorporates technical analysis to assist in interpreting financial markets. This provides us with valuable tools in our security selection process.  An investor’s best defense and, accordingly, one of the cornerstones of our investment philosophy, is diversification. We always utilize multiple classes of securities, representing multiple asset styles. This spreads risk and increases potential targets of opportunity.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of SELECTOR® Money Management is that we adjust client portfolios as market stages evolve. In a Bull Market, equities may be more attractive, but in a Bear Market, equities can be vulnerable. When we feel that caution is advisable, we turn to bonds. Bond allocations may be systematically increased in client portfolios when we perceive equity markets may hold higher than acceptable risk. We make measured shifts in equity/bond ratios within client portfolios depending upon our interpretation of current market stages.

SELECTOR® Money Management Programs feature several different styles of management, designed to address the varying investment requirements of our clients. These styles include Aggressive Growth, Growth, Conservative Growth, Balanced Growth, Income & Growth, and Income. These styles are listed in decreasing order of relative risk, and all have distinctive characteristics with respects to their equity/bond ratios.

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