Our Approach

We have found that most investors don’t really have a strategy for effectively managing their investments. Often, they will initially pick a couple of funds and not give a second look. Whether the financial markets trade up, trade down, or trade sideways, they hold their positions, much like sitting in a rudderless boat. While they may have some investments that do well, they also hold on to poorly performing investments.

The reality is that most folks just don’t have the time or the expertise to do it any differently. They are too busy living their lives. The rest of that reality is the job of managing the money that will determine how you and your family live your life is too important to ignore.

There is a better way. We developed the SELECTOR® Money Management Programs to help investors like you. It’s a strategy. A strategy for choosing what to own and, just as important, what not to own. A strategy for how much and when to buy or sell.

With Foy Financial Services, Inc., you get our unbiased, independent view of the financial marketplace. We don’t work for a large Wall Street firm. We simply work for you. Your success becomes our success.

“Our mission is to assist investors with portfolio management, asset allocation and investment services. We offer investment strategies designed to help our clients reach their financial objectives. We also monitor client portfolios, make ongoing investment recommendations, and provide timely communications.”

– Edward D. Foy, President and Chief Investment Officer, Foy Financial Services, Inc.

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