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It’s Just My Opinion-Ed Foy, President and Chief Investment Officer

September 1, 2014

There are few things on earth more wonderful than when your horse(s) sneak up on you.

To begin, most people believe that horses are large and loud and intimidating. Horses whinny and stomp and gallop to make the earth tremble, which is quite true. Horses are very capable of being large and loud and intimidating, whinnying loudly and stomping and making the earth tremble beneath their hooves. But it doesn’t stop there.God’s creatures are wondrous in many ways, and the horse, being one of God’s most wonderful creatures, is equally as capable of being quiet and soft and gentle, to the very limits of our imagination.
I have been fortunate to care for, and be cared for, by three horses for the past thirteen years. Certainly, one can question the ‘fortune’ of caring for horses. They are consistently expensive, and often worrisome, troublesome and exasperating. If you don’t love them, it’s not worth it at all. But I do love horses in general and my horses in particular. I also understand how much my horses have cared for me over the years. They keep me grounded when my head is in the air, teach me precious secrets about patience and tolerance, and allow me to unravel the riddles that make great and powerful beasts want to do your bidding.Today was Labor Day, the office was closed and the front gate was closed. This is when I will open up the gates from the pasture through the barn onto the many kinds of grass that constitute a ‘yard’ when you live in the Nebraska countryside. I don’t even know how many varieties of grass I have introduced over the years and with the recent rains, all of those grasses were springing forth. One day a week I open the gates and the horses are invited to the banquet.Tonight I went down to the barn late. All of the gates were open, reminding me of the horses’ earlier open invitation. When I entered the barn there was no sign or sound of a horse, nor was there any indication of horses in the yard. I decided to close up the chicken coop first and deal with the horse absenteeism later. Two minutes later when I returned to barn, there stood my three horses in the barn aisle, as if they had been there all the time.

I believe that horses truly do love to sneak up on humans. It messes with our minds, as we wonder how, and why? They must receive special blessings from our Maker every time they nuzzle a baby, tolerate a child’s inquisitive hands, and yes, silently sneak up on their owners, surprising us with their gentle, inquisitive natures. Tonight my horses successfully sneaked up on me, and once again filled me with wonder. Interestingly, financial markets can behave in much the same manner and have the same effect on me. Our current market is very much like that. It’s best not to overthink it, and just be thankful, attentive and grateful.

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