We make investment decisions
based on timely data.
Too many investors' portfolios are either too diversified or too concentrated.


What’s Your Strategy?

Do you have a strategy for managing your investments? Has it withstood the test of time? Is your strategy working? If your strategy has left you disappointed, Foy Financial Services, Inc. is here to help. We developed the SELECTOR® Money Management Program for people just like you. Contact us to discover what makes us unique and how we can help you.

How We Help Investors

Since 1993, we’ve provided investment management services for investors who own mutual funds, variable annuities, IRA’s and 401k’s.

How We Help Advisors

Foy Financial Services, Inc. and SELECTOR Money Management serve as strategic partners and allies to financial advisors.

Monthly Commentary

April 15, 2014  “This is not unlike a frequent flyer who has grown accustomed to long flights & multiple take-offs and landings, but still loathes turbulence.”

What's New?

April 11, 2014   High Frequency Trading, VWAP’s, and Selling Tomatoes There has been a recent stir in the media...

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